Find Your Spark Painting Retreat

Accessing Creativity through Art, Meditation, Sound Healing and Nature

Gainesville, Florida

May 23 - 26

Memorial Day Weekend

  • Are you a passionate person with big dreams who's on a spiritual path of personal growth and transformation?
  • Do you want to connect with your creative, intuitive self?
  • Are you looking for a reset?
  • Do you love being inspired by nature and deep intimate connections with others?

Then get ready to unplug from everyday life and enjoy an inspiring, magical journey to experience a deep connection with yourself you've never imagined was possible!

The Find Your Spark Retreat is for you if...

You've been dying to connect with your creative, intuitive, spiritual side & love the idea of having an expert guide you in activities that fill you up & thrill your mind, body, & soul.

You've wanted more reliable access to your intuition and are ready to learn to access your natural creativity & wisdom so you can express yourself with wild abandonment!

You're already successful, but honestly? You're a bit bored and are ready to feel a renewed excitement about what's possible to create in your life.

Your past failures or limiting beliefs take up too much space in your mind, and you wish you could just "let go" and joyfully begin creating "what's next" in your future!

You love being in nature, so time to float down a beautiful river, hike on lush trails, and swim in fresh water springs sounds like an ABSOLUTE dream!

entering a time, space, and dimension that's made for engaging in activities to fill your mind, body, and soul with peace, love, and joy.

All your daily concerns will disappear as you enter this wonderland and begin to wander the 140 acres of secluded forest conservation land!

We'll luxuriate in this unique setting and enjoy miles of hiking trails, a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, private bedrooms, full vegetarian kitchen, not to mention the gorgeous art & meditation room, all located ten minutes from the University of Florida campus!

Imagine yourself...

Imagine yourself...


Intuitive Painting is all about exploring the creative process in a safe, critic-free environment.

It is not a painting technique or method.

This approach to painting is focused on mindfulness, creative permission, and the act to spontaneous expression!

Intuitive Painting stems from a deep belief that creativity is fundamental to human health and well-being. It's enlightening, invigorating, deeply moving, playful and cathartic!

No prior painting experience is necessary.

Spiritually connecting through...

Getting adventurous at...


Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Fed by 9 springs, experience the natural beauty of Ichetucknee River's blue-green waterways. Let the gentle current of the bright turquoise river guide you on a relaxing retreat through shaded hammocks and forests of cypress, maple, oak, and pine.

Devils Millhopper Geological State Park

We'll explore this rare gem in the midst of North Florida! A bowl-shaped cavity 120-feet deep lead us to a miniature rainforest. Lose your everyday worries as you watch small streams trickle down the steep slopes of the limestone sinkhole & disappear through crevices in the ground. We'll be shaded by the lush vegetation that thrives in the shade of the walls even in dry summers.

Getting creative with...


Intuitive Painting

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a powerful therapy that combines different healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments to improve our multidimensional well-being by creating a beautiful experience where all layers of our luminous energy field (body, mind, soul, spirit) are awakened gently and lovingly.


Benefits of Yoga...

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. ...

Yoga can helps with back pain relief. ...

Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms. ...

Yoga benefits heart health. ...

Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better. ...

Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods. ...

Yoga helps you manage stress...

Yoga promotes better self-care...


We'll eat amazing vegetarian cuisine prepared by our chef, Sigma Chawdry! Plus, every participant will get to assist Sigma in preparing one of our scrumptious meals so we can be together in community, connection and a deep sense of gratitude.

Meals will be similar to those shown below.

Hi, I'm Patti Lustig, and I absolutely love bringing groups together, facilitating connection, and leading retreats! I've coached hundreds of people over the past 21 years to help them overcome their deepest fears and live the life they envision with power and ease.

Besides coaching private clients, I adore working with groups. I lead a number of weekly groups, some of which have been meeting for up to 5 years. Last year when they met for the first time in person, we had a blast and many of them requested a repeat event!

In my search to find a location in my home state of Florida that contained charm, as well as seclusion in nature, I found the Gainesville Retreat Center. Leading a retreat locally to me became important so my daughter, Matilda, (our Yoga teacher) could bring her baby and be supported and comfortable.

Who's leading the Retreat?

I ecstatically turned 70 in December 2023 & still believe that living a life FREE from anything that holds you back is POSSIBLE! I've lived through many challenges and have always been able to spring back.

I strive to teach people how to utilize their inner and outer resources to regenerate their life.

This is why I wrote my book, Odyssey of a Fearless Woman, describes my journey, which includes being left by my mother at 15, giving birth at 40, divorcing, and being diagnosed with two life threatening diseases.

I've always been able to spring back from challenges & create results beyond my wildest dreams, with a life I designed and love. I live in my dream home, 5 miles from the beach with the love of my life, my poodle, Jasper. My daughter and son-in-law lives 10 minutes from me. Over my lifetime I've learned, grown and transformed many times - and I love making a difference for others. This retreat is part of my journey to the next big adventure in my life.


is on 140 acres of secluded forest conservation land with miles of hiking trails, private rooms for each participant, 3 large facilities + 3 cabins and many bathrooms. A large covered pool with jacuzzi and pickleball court are available for fun activities.

The Yoga/Meditation room and enormous covered porch area are ideal for our Intuitive Painting Classes as well as Yoga & Sound Healings.

The nearby State Parks are filled with extraordinary nature and wonder.

The Gainesville Retreat Center

1551 SE 51st Street, Gainesville, Florida 32641, United States

Our Itinerary

May 23rd, Thursday

Travel Day — Prepare yourself to leave behind your day-to-day stress as you fly into the magical journey of a lifetime!

A hearty, delicious dinner will be served at 6pm, followed by a magical opening ceremony where you will set your intentions and meet your fellow travelers.

Community Breakfast

Outing to Ichnetuknee State Park

Rest & Relaxation


Community Dinner

Intuitive Painting Session

May 24th, Friday

May 25th, Saturday


Community Breakfast

Intuitive Painting

Community Lunch

Outing to Devil's Millhopper

State Park

Rest and Relaxation

Community Dinner

Sound Healing

May 26th, Sunday

Community Breakfast

Intuitive Painting Session

Community Lunch

Open time - PSYCH-K sessions, massage, pool time


Community Dinner

Evening Activities

Mountain Light Sanctuary, Barnardsville, NC (25 miles from Ashville)

May 27th, Monday

Community Breakfast

Completions Circle


What's included

  • Private rooms with shared bath
  • 4 Yoga Classes
  • 4 Intuitive Painting Classes
  • 2 Outings to State Parks
  • 11 Scrumptious Meals
  • 1 Sound Healing Meditation
  • Pool with Jacuzzi
  • Hiking
  • Free time for writing, massage, PSYCH-K® Sessions
  • Transportation from Ocala or Gainesville airport (if you arrive by 4pm)
  • Your round trip transportation from home.
  • Souvenir shopping and personal items.
  • Meal or food purchases outside of the retreat

  • Massage
  • Private Sessions
  • Transportation from airports other than Ocala or Gainesville

What's not included

Travel Details

Official check-in time on Friday is at 4pm.

The official program begins at 6pm with dinner. Please arrange to arrive at the Gainesville or Ocala airport by 4pm if possible. One of us will pick you up. If you are scheduled to arrive later than 4pm, you will need to take an Uber.

Check out time on Monday is at 12pm. Our completion ceremony will be in the morning. Try to arrange a flight leaving at 2pm or later if possible.

If you want to come a day early or stay a day or two after the retreat, let me know and I will reserve you a space at a very minimal cost.

Early Bird: $1250 Single Room             Buy one get one 1/2 off (shared room with separate beds): $1250 + $625

Good through March 15th then increases to $1500 per person.


Pay My Deposit

Learn More About the Staff

I'm excited to have crossed the threshold into my 70s and have no interest in slowing down as I love my work and believe it keeps me young.

After learning early on how to be the creator in my own life, I've become highly accomplished and blessed, able to overcome my own fears and obstacles.

Which is why it's been my mission to teach and empower others to live their best lives all my life!

Patti Lustig, Septuagenarian, Personal Life Coach, Time Management Expert, Psych-K® Facilitator, Public Speaker, Author, Mother, Wife & Dog Owner


Matilda Rizzo, 30 Something, Yoga & Dance Teacher, Social Media Expert, Mother to Be, Newlywed, Dog & Cat Owner

Like many people, I initially started yoga for the fitness aspect. As I began to integrate yoga with dance, I discovered that it was more than just an exercise.

Movement was the key to finding balance and joy in life. Movement allows you to practice mindfulness, shed fear, and grow confidence. Movement can transform your body and mind. This is my goal. To show up for others, to give people the tools to help themselves, and to have some fun in the process.

I have been teaching for over 10 years and I look forward to sharing the magic of Yoga with you.

I'm passionate about empowering others to live beyond their fears.

And I love hearing success stories like my recent student who finished our Fearless Living Now course, who told me that her long-time therapist said, "You are completely transformed out of that course. I have never seen you this happy or empowered."

Wow! What an honor to have the opportunity to make that kind of difference.

You're invited to join us!

It's time to receive and enjoy a much-deserved experience to let go of all the day-to-day life stuff, commune with nature, connect with like-minded people, & renew your trust in the Universe.

The magical energy of this retreat will help you reconnect with your intuition, renew your energy, and spark your creativity!


The Find Your Spark Retreat was planned with YOU in mind.

Gainesville Retreat Center, 1551 SE 51st Street, Gainesville, Florida 32641

May 24, 25, 26, 27, 2024- Memorial Day Weekend

Need more information?

Contact: info@paintingwithpatti


Find Your Spark Painting Retreat

Accessing Creativity through Art, Meditation, Sound Healing and Nature